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6th Grade


Grade Level – 6th grade homeroom teacher, Middle school Science and Religion teacher, Robotics Coach

My Hometown – Canoga Park

My Favorite Food – Does Starbucks count as food?

My Favorite Book for My Class – Flowers for Algernon

My Alma Maters – Canoga Park Elementary School, Canoga Park High School, and CSUN

My Most Beloved Bible Verse – 1 Timothy 4:12

I am passionate about developing young Christian leaders.  Religion isn’t a class; it’s a way of life.  It is to be incorporated throughout the day and in all lessons.  In all that I teach whether it’s math, science, or any other subject I want students to be able to say: “I learned something new today.  I got a little better today.  I stretched myself.  I grew.”

I am passionate about seeing the “light bulbs” turn on for my students.  I live for those moments because it becomes a measure of progress both for the students as well as for me.  I believe every student can learn; it may not be on the same day or in the same way, but every student can learn.  In a class of 25 individuals, I will teach 25 different ways if need be.  “Aha” moments will happen for each uniquely and it is my responsibility to facilitate that “aha’ moment.

Goals for My Class

  • To help foster in students an ever growing relationship with Jesus
  • To provide a safe environment where students can “fail forward” and take risks in learning
  • To prepare students for a world that is more dependent on science and technology
  • To give students a solid foundation in mathematics
  • To teach students to look at problems from a different angle and find solutions to those problems
  • To build confidence within each student to lead and grow in their leadership skills

Highlights of Learning in Grade 6

  • Outdoor School
  • Las Posadas
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Play
  • Stations of the Cross Prayer Service
  • “Passion of Our Lord” Luncheon
  • 2nd Grade Buddies
  • Science Experiences: volcano eruptions, earthquake simulation, wind turbines
  • Lenten Retreat

6th Grade News