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Relationship to Parish

St. Euphrasia School is a Catholic school where students are taught to live their faith by worshipping at Mass weekly, asking forgiveness of God and others, being of service to others and growing in personal prayer. We provide students with the foundation to become lifelong learners who choose Christ as their model. The pastor is ex officio the chief administrative officer of the parish school. The immediate direction and supervision of the schools is delegated to the school principal. The principal, as a delegate of the pastor, has immediate responsibility for implementing the philosophy of the school in its regular operation. St Euphrasia School is an integral ministry of the St. Euphrasia Parish community. Close communication among all parish ministries facilitates the proclamation of the gospel message.

Quotes from St. Euphrasia 6th Grade Students “How I Pray”:

“There are many different ways to pray. Prayer’s purpose is to assist us in building our relationship with God. While I am praying I bring my problems, what I am thankful for, confessing honesty, prayer for others, and focus on God”

“Prayer is very important in life. Through prayer I create a bond with God. Also I can learn to make the right decisions.”

“I also pray when I can use some help or, when I am nervous. Being able to pray to God when I am nervous or scared comforts me, because I know God will protect me.”

“God is my friend and your friend. He will listen and respond. He forgives us for our sins.”

Parish Youth Ministry

Information regarding the Parish Youth Ministry is available on the parish website.

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