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Every family must either participate in the Scrip Commitment by purchasing $3,000 worth of scrip prior to mid May, or Buy-Out of the program by paying $150 directly to the school (either via a check or have the fees added to your FACTS Agreement). Listed below are various ways to meet your scrip commitment:

Scrip Order Forms

These are sent home weekly in the Tuesday envelope or you can print from link below. Use this form to order scrip (generally gift cards). Orders are placed on Wednesday morning, for a Tuesday delivery the following week. If there is a day off of school the week the order has been placed, the delivery is usually delayed by a day. If there is a “star” next to the name of the scrip, that indicates the card can be reloaded with additional funds (see explanation below). All purchases are 100% applied to your $3,000 scrip commitment.


This is the website used by the school to order scrip. Besides the scrip listed on the order form that goes home each week, there are over 500 additional companies offering scrip for sale. Families can create an account, place orders on-line and submit a copy of their order with a payment to the Business Office by 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. All purchases are 100% applied to your $3,000 scrip commitment. If you recently purchased a gift card on the pink order form (or on the website), you may be able to reload the balance with additional funds. If you decide to do that, you must register the gift card on the website. When funds are running low, you will want to reload money onto the card for continued use. Make sure you read the instructions from the vendor, as some cards require to be reloaded within a certain period of time, or before a zero balance is reached. There are many vendors that offer “ScripNow!”. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email directing you back your account. You will find a link to the scrip, which can be printed immediately.

Dennis Uniform Receipts

You will receive credit for money spent on uniforms for the current year.  Send in your original receipts to the business office.  You will receive credit on the “subtotal” of the receipt.

Presto Pay

Presto Pay is another payment option to use on the website. Presto Pay allows you to Reload cards or order “ScripNow!” without waiting for the school to process orders, which is a great way to meet your scrip commitment over holiday breaks or summer vacation. Just make sure the order is only for Reload or ScripNow cards. If you include a physical gift card on the order, the order will sit in “pending” status until the school processes the weekly orders. Use of Presto Pay securely links a bank account to your ShopWithScrip account. This way, payments come out of your account directly through the bank. In all the time we’ve used this company (which is over ten years), there has never been fraud on anyone’s account related to a scrip order. Once you’ve securely set up your account with banking information, ShopWithScrip will deposit two small amounts in your bank account. The next time you log in, enter these amounts in your Presto Pay registration to verify the account, and choose a PIN number to use for online payment. You will then receive an email with an approval code, which must be forwarded to Nancy Gillen in the Business Office at Once Nancy has verified the code on the website, you will be able to use Presto Pay for all future on-line orders.